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We're a leading provider of nationwide virtual staffing solutions, catering to the customer service needs of Fortune 150 and Fortune 500 companies. Our services offer you the flexibility to create your own schedule, save on commuting expenses, and enjoy more quality time with your loved ones.  You'll be involved in projects across various industries, including telecommunications, healthcare, hospitality, and roadside assistance.

Recruiting and Work from Home Call Center Services

Virtual Call Center Staffing

We provide experienced personnel for remote call center operations, ensuring excellent customer service and support.

Recruitment Solutions

Our tailored recruitment services help you find the best remote workers for your call center, saving time and resources.

Work from Home Training

We offer comprehensive training programs for call center staff working from home, improving productivity and efficiency.

Innovative remote opportunities

50% Increase in Productivity

Our call center work from home model has resulted in a 50% increase in productivity for our Team.

100% Remote Work Opportunity

We extend a 100% remote work option, granting individuals the freedom to work from the comfort of their residences

Flexible Schedules

Workers, at American Excellence Team enjoy flexible schedules, enabling them to balance work and personal commitments effectively.

High Earnings Potential

Join our  team and unlock high earnings potential and bonuses.